Standing L-R; Jason Giron, John Flanders, Matt Meldrum, Tim Hollinger, David Slack, Thom Bowers

Seated L-R; Jeff Hildy, Carl Roehmann, Juli Holt, Sweet Marie, Mike Thiriot, Tommy Maras (2012)

The following audio clips were recorded live in Park City August 1st 2003.  Floydshow did The Wall in its entirety.  The players; Tim Hollinger, Thom Bowers, Matt Meldrum, Eric Litovsky, Greg Thomas, Juli Holt, Marcia Pabalis and Carl Roehmann.  Sound; Timmi Cruz  Effects & Video; Doran “Fozz” Barton


In The Flesh

Run Like Hell

Waiting For The Worms

Zephyr Club 8/9/03
Zephyr Club 8/9/03
Set List 7/7/07

Sons of Nothing – the band behind the Floydshow.  Check them out here!

Sons of Nothing